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Windows Updates – Annoying But Necessary

There are two problems with Windows Updates: they take ages and happen all the time. In reality, they happen once a month and, in truth, don’t take that long, it’s just that they always happen when you want to get

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Cyber Attack – Stay Calm, Update and Backup

The poor old NHS has taken some criticism over the lack of investment in IT, which led to the problems regarding the widespread Ransomware outbreak during May 2017. Truth is that almost everyone reading this is safe from what happened. However, this is not

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Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam!

One of the biggest requests at the moment is “How can I stop all these rubbish emails?” The answer, unfortunately, is you can’t. There are ones you can unsubscribe from, which are ‘self inflicted’ and result (usually) from buying something either

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