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IT Know Howe provide a range of computer repair and support services for both home users and small business in the Taunton area. From computer & laptop repairs, including virus removal, to supplying and setting up your computer or laptop from scratch, including broadband & transfering your files, photos and music.

“Computer Support Made Simple”

Established in 2003 the company has provided help and assistance to over 2300 customers, many of whom use us again and again. Over 40% of our new enquiries come on the back of recommendations. With a loyal and supportive customer base like this, we like to think we are making a difference to our customers. Why not give us a call and see what a difference we can make for you.

Control (and Stop!) the Windows 10 Update


In the last week Microsoft have stepped up the pressure to move Windows 7 and Windows 8 users onto Windows 10. We have been inundated all week with calls and we wanted to offer the following advice to stop the

Let’s talk Anti-Virus


We are often asked “what is the best internet security?” and the answer to that is simple: common sense. Apologies if that sounds a bit glib, but it is a simple fact that internet security will not protect you if

Emails to watch out for!


We’ve mentioned this subject in the past, but it’s always worth revisiting for those who missed it the last time round. For many people, spam emails stand out a mile away, which is why the things are getting more and more

Managing your Windows 10 Start Menu


The tiled part of the new Start Menu is a bit of a bomb site and looks totally unfriendly when you first open it, but with a bit of effort it can be mastered. The first thing we suggest is making

How to resolve basic broadband issues

no-internet (1)

It’s that nightmare scenario of no internet! So what do you do? There are a few basic steps for ‘self help’ you can take BEFORE you ring your service provider. Firstly is it just you or is everyone in the house